Gian Mario Infelici

Gian Mario Infelici

CEO Adabra


I have been working in the field of web advertising and interactive communication since 2004.
My first encounter with the platforms of display advertising was in 2001 and since then I have always followed this world with passion and curiosity.

I had the pleasure of being actively involved in important projects in the advertising field and I took part in the planning of the conception and design of digital platforms for the management of online communication on behalf of relevant companies.

Since 2008 I am in charge of marketing strategy and consulting in the field of web advertising and I had the opportunity to participate in the conception of successful campaigns on a large scale.

Since 2011 I am the CEO of the Ad Spray, a company specialized in interactive communication.

Since 2013 I am CEO of an amazing marketing intelligence platform that boosts sales of e-commerce and retailer player: “Know your Customer, Enjoy Experience”

Its motto “Moving to the future” fully reflects also my personal vision of life.

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